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Measuring Cups / Spoons / Jugs
Avanti Doughnut Making Dispenser
AUD $9.41 AUD $11.99
Pour your gravy into the Separator through the strainer and watch the fat rise to the top while lean gravy settles to the bottom. The heat-resistant strainer catches unwanted bits and the stopper prevents fat from entering the spout.
AUD $7.69 AUD $10.99
CS-KOCHSYSTEME Tomato Knife 13cm
AUD $17.09 AUD $18.99
Daudignac multi purpose automatic funnel Automatic funnel with a capacity of 0.5l, funnel is made of 100% plastic that can withstand dishwasher, microwave and bain-marie usage.
AUD $19.99 AUD $53.99
Dreamfarm Levups Levups are our incredible levelling measuring cups that are perfect for both dry and liquid ingredients
AUD $16.99
Dreamfarm Set of the Best Set of the Best is the essential collection of our best and most loved everyday kitchen tools. Each tool has been specifically designed to solve problems and do new and incredibly useful things. Set of the Best is beautifully presented, makes the perfect gift, represents great value and is a fantastic way start your Dreamfarm collection.
AUD $69.95 AUD $79.95
ONLINE ONLY PRICE Supoon assorted colours to chose from
AUD $11.95 AUD $14.95
Levoons - Scrape level measuring SpoonsBy Dreamfarm
AUD $16.95
LOYAL Measuring Cups All Stainless steel - Wire handle
AUD $8.69 AUD $12.99
Mondo Measuring Cup Set 4 piece set
AUD $14.99
Trudeau Measuring Cup Set 5 piece set - Detachable for convenience- Imperial and metric measurements- Dishwasher safe top rack- Color: Red, Blue, Grey- Material: Plastic
AUD $12.99
Trudeau Measuring Spoon Set 5 piece set - Removable closure- Shock-resistant plastic- Assorted colours- Material: Plastic
AUD $9.99
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