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Measuring Cups / Spoons / Jugs
The Avanti Art Deco Oil Can is perfect for storing and pouring olive oil or other types of cooking oil. Made from stainless stell, it protects sensitive olive oil from the damaging effects of light. It features an extended curved spout for easy pouring.
AUD $53.59 AUD $66.99
Avanti Doughnut Making Dispenser
AUD $9.41 AUD $11.99
Pour your gravy into the Separator through the strainer and watch the fat rise to the top while lean gravy settles to the bottom. The heat-resistant strainer catches unwanted bits and the stopper prevents fat from entering the spout.
AUD $7.69 AUD $10.99
CS-KOCHSYSTEME Tomato Knife 13cm
AUD $17.09 AUD $18.99
Dreamfarm Levups Levups are our incredible levelling measuring cups that are perfect for both dry and liquid ingredients
AUD $16.99
Levoons - Scrape level measuring SpoonsBy Dreamfarm
AUD $16.95
LOYAL Measuring Cups All Stainless steel - Wire handle
AUD $8.69 AUD $12.99
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