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14" Serrated Cake Knife - by Sugar Crafty This cake knife has a comfort-grip handle and an extra-long 14" (35.5cm) serrated stainless steel blade which is well-suited for slicing through layers of cake when torting, or for slicing through multiple cake layers when serving.
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Baourouge Slicing Knife 21cm with Guide
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Carl Schmidt Sohn - Konstanz - Damascus series
AUD $92.38 AUD $149.00
The Füri Pro Chef’s Bread Knife. Engineered with a longer blade perfect for tackling those larger loaves
AUD $74.99 AUD $119.00
22cm Bread Knife G-9A large serrated knife that is great for slicing foods with thick crusts or rinds like artisan breads and melons/gourds. It also cuts through soft bread without crushing it.
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I.O. Shen MSH Ryoba Slicer – 195mm Knife MSH Ryoba Duel Edge Slicer. The 8″ Ryoba is a chef’s knife for the preparation/filleting of fish and carving of meat. Serrations at the heel of the blade can be used on poultry and fish.
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Ivo 250mm Bread Knife (Rounded Tip) 250mm bread knife with a rounded tip. Made from finest German stainless steel with balanced with with comfortable ergonomic handles. Dishwasher safe for today's kitchen.
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German Stainless steel serrated slicer with 300mm blade. Balanced weight with comfortable ergonomic handle.
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German Stainless steel serrated slicer with 300mm blade. Balanced weight with comfortable ergonomic handle.
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Wavy Edge Knife Wood Handle 360mm/16 inch
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Messermesiter Royale Elite 23cm Scalloped Bread The scalloped edge of the Messermeister Royale Elité 9” Bread Knife bites into the crust of bread. This allows for smooth slicing with effortless pressure to avoid compressing your slice. This knife is also used to slice through soft-skinned fruits and vegetables.
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SHUN KAI Classic White Bread Knife 22.9cm/9"
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Sora Bread knife 23cm BREAD, MEET YOUR MASTER
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Whether for chefs or butchers: the knife is the most important tool of the trade in both professions.
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Victorinox 30cm Serrated Rosewood Knife They say bread is life – and we agree. In fact, baked goods in general seem to be a key to making life sweeter, and in order to keep the happiness coming, you'll want to have the right tools at your side. All of the products in the Victorinox Bread and Baking line feel great in the hand, look great in your kitchen and get the job done every time. 
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