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Silicone Moulds
Bake Group Silicone Bundt Pan High quality silicone bakeware to make perfect bundt & coffee cakes. You can make perfect bundt & coffee cakes every time.
AUD $13.49 AUD $14.99
100% food grade silicone cake mold, FDA & LFGB standard. Work with these from -40 to 230 C, freeze & bake ! It’s perfect for cake, pastry, chocolate and so much more, the flexible material allows for easy unmoulding of the most delicate of foods. Naturally non-stick, each mold requires little to no release coatings. Non-stick silicone quality, easy to wash, keep and use.
AUD $13.49 AUD $14.99
Loyal Half Sphere Silicone Mould 70mm Diameter For Chocolates, Desserts and Baking
AUD $11.99
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