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10" Ceramic Honing Rod
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Professional grade high precision fine grit sharpening & honing tool : A very efficient & effective method of sharpening knives.
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Realigns the cutting edge and is used for maintaining, not sharpening your knife. If your knife is blunt, use either an electric or manual sharpener or diamond sharpening steel. Approx rod length: 10" (25cm) Approx item length including handle : 15" (38cm)
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Messermeister 2 stage Pull Through Sharpener he Messermeister Pull Through Sharpener has become the honing (alignment) tool of choice for millions of Americans. One of the worst things people can do is pull a knife blade edge through a fixed V or set of cross rods because it is the same as scraping the sides of the edge against any fixed object.
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The KE-198 is designed for recreational use.
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Made from Corundum (Aluminium Oxide) Dimensions 180*60*27mm
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Dimensions 180*60*27mm The Combination Whetstone offers two grit grades per stone for a more economical choice in water stones. The stones are large enough for just about any knives and tools. This stone comes mounted on a soft silica gel non slip base.
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