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14" Serrated Cake Knife - by Sugar Crafty This cake knife has a comfort-grip handle and an extra-long 14" (35.5cm) serrated stainless steel blade which is well-suited for slicing through layers of cake when torting, or for slicing through multiple cake layers when serving.
AUD $22.49 AUD $24.99
Arcos Brisket Slicing Knife 36cm The exclusive NITRUM® stainless steel provides professional cutting and lasting durability. Features patented colour coding system with coloured pins that fit in the handle to allow for coding to proteins, vegetables etc.
AUD $53.99 AUD $59.99
Baourouge Slicing Knife 21cm with Guide
AUD $67.99 AUD $79.99
Carl Schmidt Sohn - Konstanz - Damascus series
AUD $90.89 AUD $149.00
The Carving Knife. European blade design. Your secret to meal mastery. With the Füri reverse-wedge handle for a safer grip & less strain on your hand, you can carve the Christmas Turkey, ham and roast chicken with a new-found precision & confidence.
AUD $54.99 AUD $99.95
A contemporary design Carving Fork with the advantage of Füri reverse-wedge handle ergonomics. Perfect for holding a roast, pork belly, turkey or chicken ensuring steady, precise carving.
AUD $34.99 AUD $69.95
Füri Pro 2 piece Carving Set Designed for more than just a Sunday roast. Perfect for your Friday, Saturday, any day creations. A succulent salty crackling, delicate slow cooked lamb or BBQ Portuguese Chicken.
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AUD $99.00 AUD $199.00
Hammer Stahl 14" Brisket/Ham SlicerA knife with a razor sharp edge that evenly cuts thin slices of ham, prime rib, and other meats.
AUD $199.00 AUD $235.00
I.O. Shen Suraisu Slicer – 270mm Knife Oriental Tanto tip precision slicer. The 10 1/2″ Suraisu has a mid size handle which balances perfectly in the hand and is equipped with an Oriental Tanto tip for precision slicing.
AUD $169.99 AUD $199.00
I.O. Shen MSH Ryoba Slicer – 195mm Knife MSH Ryoba Duel Edge Slicer. The 8″ Ryoba is a chef’s knife for the preparation/filleting of fish and carving of meat. Serrations at the heel of the blade can be used on poultry and fish.
AUD $144.99 AUD $169.99
AUD $131.75 AUD $189.00
Miho SlicerAnother 360mm knife, the Miho ('Miho' is a girl's name in Japan that means 'beauty') was also designed in collaboration with Marcus Bawdon and DrSweetSmoke
AUD $159.20 AUD $199.00
AUD $103.95 AUD $135.00
Ivo 180mm Carving Fork (Brown) - Stainless steel- 180mm
AUD $19.79 AUD $21.99
German Stainless steel serrated slicer with 300mm blade. Balanced weight with comfortable ergonomic handle.
AUD $44.99
German Stainless steel serrated slicer with 300mm blade. Balanced weight with comfortable ergonomic handle.
AUD $69.99
Wavy Edge Knife Wood Handle 360mm/16 inch
AUD $36.99
Curd Knife This knife is specialised to carefully cut delicate curd without tearing when making cheese. The long blade makes it very easy to cut right down to the bottom of deep pots and cheese vats.
AUD $13.59 AUD $16.99 -20%
Messermesiter Royale Elite 20cm Carving Knife Crafted by 3rd generation craftsmen in the historical cutlery city of Solingen, Germany, the Messermeister Royale Elité 8" Carving Knife, has a narrow spear-point, fine-edge blade that is used for small to medium carving chores. It separates meat from the bone and slices it into thin serving portions. 
AUD $220.80 AUD $279.00
Oliva Elite 20cm Fluted Carving Knife - MessermeisterThe Messermeister Oliva Elite 20cm Kullenschliff Carving Knife has a narrow spear-point, fine-edge blade. The alternating kullenschliffs (or hollows) on each side of the knife reduce drag and prevent items from sticking to the blade.
AUD $180.00 AUD $225.00
Ritter 65W Markant
AUD $159.00 AUD $179.00
Seki Magoroku Kinju Sashimi Knife 24cm The Seki Magoroku Kinju is a traditional Japanese style knife of single-bevel blade. 
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Victorinox Cooks / Chef Knife 25cm - 5.2003.25
AUD $70.95 AUD $110.00
Victorinox Commercial Slicing Carving Knife 36cm
AUD $92.54 AUD $115.00
Victorinox Rosewood Round Wavy Slicing Knife 36cm
AUD $132.36 AUD $179.00
Victorinox Rosewood Slicing Knife 36cm - Curved end for straight slices and picking up pieces- Rosewood handle- Hand wash and dry immediately after use- Made in Switzerland
AUD $124.84 AUD $159.00
ONLINE ONLY PRICE Classic Carving Knife - 4522 - 23cm The Classic 23cm Carving Knife has a longer and narrower blade than a Cook’s Knife. This allows for the knife to cleanly cut through meats. The pointed tip is designed to help guide meat away from the bone.
AUD $152.96 AUD $239.00
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