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Carl Schmidt Sohn Shikoku Meat Chopper 16.5cm The Shikoku knives are made of the highest quality chrome nickel-steel, which increases their strength and corrosion resistance. Strong, stylish and effective.
AUD $39.99 AUD $49.99
The Füri Pro Asian Vegetable Chopper makes light work of heavy vegetables thanks to its super sharp but wide blade. Its width also makes it great for smashing garlic as well as scooping and transferring food. Oversized scallops on the blade help reduce friction to make cutting faster and easier
AUD $64.99 AUD $119.00
Meat Chopper 16cm G-12Also known as a butcher knife, this heavy-duty rectangular knife is used for splitting or cleaving meat and bone. Great for cutting big slices of meat and poultry.
AUD $145.00 AUD $315.00
Designed for chopping through small bones and chicken. Typically this knife has a 30 degree angle for chopping through produce. It's all about the weight not the sharpness of these knives.
AUD $114.10 AUD $175.00
Messermeister Four Seasons Heavy Meat Cleaver Chop your way through large pieces of meat and whole poultry with ease using the stamped Messermeister Four Seasons Heavy Meat Cleaver.
AUD $59.99 AUD $84.99
I.O.Shen Chinese Cleaver 720g In contrast to other kitchen knives, the cleaver has an especially tough edge meant to withstand repeated blows directly into thick meat and dense cartilage and even bone.
AUD $133.51 AUD $195.00
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